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The International convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watch keeping for seafarers (STCW) sets qualification standards for seafarers. The standards were set up first in 1978 and later amended in 1995. Hence, the training standards are referred as STCW – 95. Recently the Indian Maritime Administration has order the implemention of latest convention 2010 and completion of certification by all seafarers by 31st December 2016 extendable till 30th June 2017. The institute issues all course completion certificates of STCW 2010. Existing seafarers those have STCW 95 , are welcome to attend the Refresher courses.

The Basic course of SCTW- 2010 are:

1. Personal Survival Techniques STCW.

2. Personal Safety and Social Resposibility.

3. Fire Prevention and Fire Fightiing.

4. Elementary First Aid.

5. Se curity Training to Seafarers with Designated Security Duties (STSDSD).

6. Passenger Ship Familiarization (PSF).

7. Augmentation of Fire Fighting Course.

8. Basic Training in Oil and Chemical Tanker Cargo Operation (OCTO- Combine of OTFC& CTFC) duration of 06 Days only.

Basic STCW Modular courses are needed by evry person joining or intension of joining a Merchant Marine ship as crew or joining a ship intially. Thesse course certifications can only be availed at an institute approved by the Directorate General of Shipping, Govt. of India. Sriram Institute of Marine Studies has the complete infrastructure and facility to impart trainig on the STCW-2010 basic courses.

Apart form the basic safety courses STCW-2010, we also offer advanced and their refresher courses:-

1. Advanced fire Fighting Course (AFF)

2. Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats (PSCRB)

3. Medical First Aid (MFA)

4. Basic Training in Oil Tanker cargo operation (Erstwhile OTFC)

5. Basic Training in Chemical Tanker cargo Operation (Erastwhile CTFC)

6. Refresher course of PSWCRB (RUT PSCRB)

7. Refresher courseAFF (RUT AFF)

Course Duration Fees Commenced
1. Advanced Fire Fighting Course 05 days ₹ 8,000 Monday
2. Proficiency in Survival Craft and rescue boats 05 days ₹ 8,000 Monday
3. Refresher Advanced fire fighting Course (RUTAFF) 07 hrs ₹ 6,000 Tuesday & Saturday
4. Refresher PSCRB (RUT PSCRB) 06 hrs ₹ 6,000 Monday & Thursday
5. Ship Security Officer (SSO) 03 days ₹ 6,500 On req Thursday
6. Personal Survival Techniques 03 days ₹ 6,500 Thursday
7. Personal safety and social Responsibility 03 days ₹ 5,000 Every Monday
8. Fire Prevention and fire Fighting 03 days ₹ 5,500 5,500
9. Elementary First Aid 02 days ₹ 3,000 Friday
10. Basic Training Oil and chemical tanker Cargo operation (Combined of Erestwhile OTFCand Chemical Tanker Courses) 06 days ₹ 6,500 Every Monday
11. Medical First Aid 04 days ₹ 3,500 Alter Monday
12. Security Training to Seafarers with Designated Security Duties (DTSDSD) 02 days ₹ 4,000 Every Thursday
13. Augmentation of Fire Fighting 03 hrs ₹ 3,500 Tuesday
14. MFA (Ref) 04 hrs ₹ 2,000 Every Thursday
15. PST Ref 03 hrs ₹ 2,000 Monday & Thursday
16. FPFF Ref 03 hrs ₹ 2,000 Monday & Thursday


As the courses are mandatory for all seafarers irrespect of any trade, profession or department so

No any pre qualification is required to attend these courses.

Age is not barred

Any person desirous of joining Merchant Navy can pay the feees and attend the courses. Documents required.

Any ID Proof (photo copy) (passport, PAN, Driving License, Matriculation Certificate) showing name and date of birth in English.

1. Passport size photography (3.5 * 2.5) 10 (10) in numbers.

2. Medical fitness certificate by a DGShipping approved Doctor.

3. Copy of the FPFF courses certificate for all participants of OTFC courses only.

4. Copy of EFA course is required to attend the Medical First Aid Couse.

Special Instructions

The Advanced fire fighting and proficiency in Survival Craft and rescue Boats course s and their refresher courses has sylllabus that needs sea typre drills/activities. the course participants of such courses are requested to kindly carry an extra pair of undergarments, towel, soap and shop box. The institute provides the over all/boiler suits (Dungari) for drills at no cost, however individual can carry his own also.

General instructions

1. Course participants to carry a medical fitness certificate from DG Shipping approved doctor.

2. Course handouts, lunch and tea are provided to all participants of the modular course during the training.

3. Class timings are from 1000 hrs in the morning till 1700 hrs.

4. 100% Attendance in the course is strictly required. Non attendants shall not be issued with course certificates.

5. On completion of the course an examination is conducted. All participants have to be clear the test in order to receive the certificate.

6. The Above fee structure may change without any prior notice. Particular are required to get confirmation about the lates course fess and requirements by calling our office number 011-65570070, 25314215, 356 and / 09212789998 or emailing us at

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