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Sr. No.. Description Mail Id Office In Charge
1 All course related, booking of courses, schedules and conduct of courses, dates on Practical, all queries related to e learning, checking of photo signatures of course participants in proper manner. Guidance on e learning to prospective BST and STCW courses.

Mrs Aishwariya Saxena
2 IMS portal, issues, assignment of classes, Attendance, logging in by students issues Mr Ashish Devedi
3 Uploading attendance on Batch details, generation of certificate, issue of digitally signed certificates, queries by clients on such matters, Payment of RE on online fees pay

Mr Vivek kumar
4 INDoS application. CDC application, Office clerical work, issue of documents of Pre Sea Courses Rakhi Kumari
5 Receipt of students application, mail disposal/ receipts Annupoorna

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